June 13, 2006

Friday, July 21, 2006

Week 4 - Meet the Family

Tutu, Tutu Kane and Uncle Clark visited me all the way from Hawaii!

We went on 2 road-trips and met lots of relatives.

It was big fun! I loved meeting so many people who love me!
After all of the excitement,
I slept and slept - 6 straight hours during
the day! Whoo! It's hard work to be the
center of attention!

Here are some pictures of my travels!

Here I am with Great Aunt Sheila in Pennsylvania.
My cousins Stephen and Michael, Daddy & Aunt Sheila

Me and Uncle Clark. :)

This is me and my Great Great Aunt Stella.

Me and Tutu Kane and Tutu.
I can't wait to visit them in Hawaii
and hear the ocean and smell the
flowers and the breeze...


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