June 13, 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

4 months old!

Wow! Olivia is 4 months (and a few days) old! Lately she's been testing out her vocal chords and delighting us with lots of squeels and coos.

Olivia is very curious about lights. The chandelier in the dining room is a current favorite. It has a dimmer switch.. oooohhh! Her eyes light up as the light in the room gets brighter and brighter... and then dimmer...

She continues to explore her world by putting things in her mouth - not least of which are her fingers. She wants desperately to be able to sit up on her own and she works at this every opportunity she has. She's getting pretty good at it!

Morning continues to be one of her favorite times of day. She wakes up cheery and grinning and telling us and the fishies that dance over her bed all about what a great day it will be!

Olivia will be attending her first Halloween party in a few weeks. Check back for an update with photos of Our Little Sunflower!


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