June 13, 2006

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Strummin' with Daddy

We figured that with two musically inclined parents, Olivia had a pretty good chance of being musical herself. She's proven this to be true. She has a Fisher Price "house" (thanks to Tutu and TutuKane) with a radio built in. She works that radio out! She pushes the button to start the music, then she pulls up to stand and "rocks-out" to the music. As soon the music ends, she reaches down and hits it again. She can go for... minutes! It's absolutely hilarious.
A few weeks ago, Scott and Olivia sat in on my hula class. I looked over and she was clapping along with the ipu. How cool is that!
In these photos, she's alternatively dancing and trying to help Daddy strum the uke.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Father's Day at Mount Vernon

Mommy and I took Daddy to Mount Vernon for Father's Day. We saw George Washington's house. We went to the farm and we went down to the water - it smelled kind of bad, but the breeze was very nice. They have some really big trees at Mount Vernon. Daddy sat on one. Look how big! I bet that tree was really really old.

Summertime Fun!

Hurray! Swings!

Where's Olivia?