June 13, 2006

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Strummin' with Daddy

We figured that with two musically inclined parents, Olivia had a pretty good chance of being musical herself. She's proven this to be true. She has a Fisher Price "house" (thanks to Tutu and TutuKane) with a radio built in. She works that radio out! She pushes the button to start the music, then she pulls up to stand and "rocks-out" to the music. As soon the music ends, she reaches down and hits it again. She can go for... minutes! It's absolutely hilarious.
A few weeks ago, Scott and Olivia sat in on my hula class. I looked over and she was clapping along with the ipu. How cool is that!
In these photos, she's alternatively dancing and trying to help Daddy strum the uke.


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